New Toy Found in Charity Shop!!!

New Toy Found in Charity Shop!!!

Posted by Claire on 14th Nov 2018

So on my day off, we went for a wander round our local town and found ourselves in the new charity shop, looking for student priced clothing.  But my eye was caught by this beauty:

I was stunned to say the least & was not expecting the accompanying box with accessories!!!  For those who don't get my ramblings, this is a Baby Lock Evolve, (think Aston Martin of the sewing machine world!!)  a dual Coverstitch/Overlocker.  It has air jet threading, which for those of you with overlockers, it is something dreams are made off...   Just watch YouTube clips of this babe & you'll see why I am waxing lyrically!!!

Well, my face did drop a little, when I got her home & started cleaning her out.  I don't think she'd ever seen a brush or a cotton bud (my fave item for cleaning out machines) & dental floss (perfect for flossing those air tubes!)  Things got serious though when the vacuum cleaner was brought out, on a low setting, to save inhaling too many fibres.  There was a slight panic, when the air threading tubes seemed to be locked in place, but husband managed to release them (after a "why do you need another machine?" comment, obviously he knows nothing about sewing!)  So, the evening was spent sampling all the stitches & working my way through the manual, Happy Times!

So after finishing hems on a waiting t-shirt, what would be the first item to be made on her?  Then I saw the youngest in calf high pj bottoms!!!  This would be a good (quick) test of it's capabilities on woven & knit fabrics.

Voila, she overlocked & coverstitched her heart out.  I don't thinks she's seen much action recently, so I took it slowly to start with, but she's keen to sprint!  I'd love to say, this has got me flying through my pile of UFOs, but they're all at that tricky decision making stage, which is probably why I keep stepping over them, to start something new!!