Last Minute Advent Calendar!

Last Minute Advent Calendar!

Posted by Claire on 24th Nov 2018

So, November is quickly coming to an end & the shop windows are filling with Christmas...!  

If you're like me, then every January you think, this year I'll start making Christmas gifts & decorations throughout the year and by now you're starting to panic!!!   So I remembered, I still hadn't used our gorgeous Advent cotton print, for one of the reasons I chose it - an easy Advent Calendar!  

So, as it has 25 (when did it change from 24?!) numbered images in a small pattern repeat, all I needed was some Fuseaweb/Bondaweb ironed on the back.  I then cut out each image, peeled off the backing paper & ironed them on to some brown fleece fabric, for the pockets.  Next, each fleece backed image was cut out with a 1/2" border and arranged on my backing fleece (2 layers, nothing was going to waste!)  This was the most time consuming bit, deciding where everything would fit, without leaving big gaps. 

Then came the boring bit, sewing round 3 sides of each pocket - luckily I had some podcasts to listen too!  Then, a bit of bias binding on the top & pom pom trim at the bottom, to add a bit of colour to the bottom & voila!

So, a couple of hours, 25 cm of Advent cotton print (£3.25), 25 cm of Fuseaweb (£0.88), 45 cm of fleece (£3.15) and 45cm of bias (£0.14) & pom pom trim (£0.50)  Total of £7.92 & you've some leftover Advent print for some matching coasters and table mat!

Happy Christmas Making!!