Indian Textile Tour/Holiday Opening Times

Indian Textile Tour/Holiday Opening Times

Posted by Claire on 21st Sep 2019

So the boring bit first ;)   

We're going on holiday for a couple of weeks & Gill will be looking after shop, during the above Opening hours!

Now the fun bit:

So you might have noticed with our last few posts, Ismay & I are off on a Textiles Tour to India next week!

Sadly my aunt died a while ago & kindly left us some money. Izzy thought using our inheritance, for a textiles tour, would be a great tribute to my aunt, as she taught me sewing skills & loved to travel.   

Fortunately, we have been drooling over:
tour itineraries every year, at Brockenhurst Needlework Fiesta, where we see Lis Stokes, selling vintage Indian Textiles.

What else would a Textile Design student & fabric shop owner mother do, for a trip of a lifetime!!