Dyeing, Printing & Shopping in India!

Posted by Claire on 11th Dec 2019

On one of the hottest days of our trip, we visited an organic indigo grower & dyer outside Jaipur, to learn how the plants is used for dyeing & the different techniques you can use.  Thes … read more

Come around India with us!

Posted by Claire on 19th Nov 2019

Welcome to India!!I'm going to give you a glimpse into our whistle stop textiles tour, of Rajasthan, before it fades from my memory ;)Well, we arrived in Delhi, bleary eyed from a red eye night flight … read more
Indian Textile Tour/Holiday Opening Times

Indian Textile Tour/Holiday Opening Times

Posted by Claire on 21st Sep 2019

So the boring bit first ;)   We're going on holiday for a couple of weeks & Gill will be looking after shop, during the above Opening hours!Now the fun bit:So you might have noticed with … read more
New Arrivals...!

New Arrivals...!

Posted by Claire on 12th Sep 2019

So summer is cooling down :(But the good news is, our Autumn fabrics are arriving!!Our first delivery from Spain, is a mixture of sewing inspired cotton prints & viscose twill prints.The cotton pr … read more

We've had a Facelift!

Posted by Claire on 23rd Aug 2019

So, our quick change of shop name four years ago (!) was looking a bit drab & difficult to spot from a distance, as we noticed, sat in The Cave wine bar one evening ;)We decided to continue our rebran … read more